You Can’t Get What You Want If You Don’t Know Who You Are

Let’s get real for a moment: what you think you want is not what you actually want.

It’s why you’re so fucking tired.

Why nothing ever feels like enough — no amount of hours worked, no amount of money, no measure of success.

It’s why you always feel like you’re falling short of who you’re supposed to be.

You’ve been taught a version of success that doesn’t FEEL GOOD to achieve.

When are you going to admit to yourself that you’re spending all your time building an empire that you don’t want to run?

To build the business — and life — that you truly want, you have to understand who you are.

It’s more than just the surface level stuff.

It’s not just about saying you’re someone who wants to be successful, who likes football and going to the pub and hanging out with your wife, your kids, your friends.

You’ve got to get down to the core of your desires.

What motivates you?

What makes your days feel worth it?

What do you want the legacy of your life to be?

What version of success resonates with every part of you?

That last question is so important because it gets to the heart of what I’m trying to say here.

Every part of your life needs to be balanced for your business to be a true reflection of who you are and what you want.

Let’s break this down into a way you’ve probably thought of before.

You can’t give your customers what they want if you don’t know who they are.

It’s why you spend so much time working on your ideal client profiles and thinking about their desires.

If you’re doing business right, you structure your messaging like this:

Identify a pain: Tell the story of your customer’s most pressing problem. You don’t just name the problem, but you emphasize with how that problem is affecting their lives.

Present the possibilities: Paint the picture of how their life could be if they take the opportunity you’re offering them.

Give them a roadmap: How exactly can they achieve what they want? Make the steps easy to understand and

Create an irresistible CTA: You’ve held out your hand with everything they want on it, now make it impossible not to take action.

You can do all that because you understand who your customers are.

You know what they want to hear and how they want to hear it.

…so what if you applied that same thinking to your own life?

What if you narrowed in on your desires in the same way you narrow down on your customer’s.

Sometimes what they think they want is not what they want, but you know better.

So you show them what the true path is.

Do the same for yourself.

Start right now.

What are the pains in your life?

What discontent keeps showing up even though you seem like you have it all — the business, the lifestyle, the family?

True freedom comes from having a business that reflects you.

It’s just one part of creating a completely balanced life.

What do you TRULY want?

Not what you’ve been told you SHOULD want or what other men want.

What do YOU want?

Who are YOU?

Then go take action.

Jonny Hopkinson
Reject The Norm, Refuse To Be Average, Redefine Your Reality