The REAL Reason Why You Can’t Get High-End Clients Using Facebook™ Ads

You may have tried paid advertising to get clients for your business before, and it just plain didn’t work…

So, you thought “This is a waste of money, Facebook Ads don’t work for my business.”

The reason WHY they didn’t work…


Emotional decision making is the biggest killer I see in paid marketing campaigns…

Even in my own business… Sometimes you just can’t help it…

You watch your ad spend creep up and up and up with no sign that you’ll get a client at the end.

You get frustrated and think to yourself “Why won’t this just work for me?”

After spending a few hundred dollars on advertising with demoralizing results.

You kill your campaigns and decide to go back to relying on LUCK to build your business.

And by luck I mean, referrals, word of mouth, networking, cold calling, sending proposals.

Which can be very profitable and works

However, if you’re relying on this style of operating in your business, you’re going to be stressed and sacrifice what’s important to you (family, freedom) to build your business.

I want you to know I’ve been there.

But I also want you to know that you don’t have to if you can control your EMOTIONAL decisions and work from STATISTICAL INTELLIGENCE.

You see when building a marketing funnel; there are certain KPIs that must be hit for you to be PROFITABLE.

So, it’s important to understand that marketing funnels WORK, the only reason they might not be working as well as you hoped for you, is that you’re not using DATA to assess the results of your campaign and course correcting dependant on your DATA.

This includes ALL the stages within the funnel, and your Traffic source, which for this blog post we’re going to use Facebook™ Ads.

Now before we go any further, let me KILL this myth that you need a complex all singing, all dancing 1,000 step funnel with 100 emails to generate high-end clients.

If you want to sell $7 eBooks and $29 courses then what I am about to share with you WILL NOT work for your business.

However, if you run a RESULTS based business and are an EXPERT in what you do, then you can use a simple 4-Step funnel that brings in high-end clients ($3,000 – $10,000+) ON DEMAND with the assistance of driving targeted traffic from Facebook™ Ads and get results like my client Ryan Hodgson did in the screenshot below.

Screen-Shot-2016-07-27-at-12.57.08 (1)

Without further ado, let me explain how you can get high-end clients using a simple funnel and Facebook™ Ads.

Most of the clients who we work with either already have a high-end offer (typically around $5,000) or shift to high-end pricing while working with us.

For this example, I’m going to explain the DATA and KPIs needed to acquire a $5,000 client.

Within the marketing funnel we help our clients deploy into their business there are 4-Steps:

– Facebook Ad
– Landing Page
– Video/Content
– Book Call

But, Before You Even Get Started With Your Funnel

You need to think about who you want as the end client.

One of the main reasons people find it so hard to get their paid marketing to work is that they’re using a shotgun approach, rather than laser focusing on ONE person, with ONE specific painful problem.

So who is that one person with a problem you can help better than anyone else?

That’s who you want to market to, and you want your marketing to filter out those who aren’t a good fit for what you do.

Here’s a simple explanation of how this funnel works before I give you the stats.

So we want to use a Facebook Ad that calls out to that IDEAL client, showing them we have a solution to their painful problem.

Then we use a simple landing page to sign them up for a webinar or a free video training, that is going to solve part of this problem for free and also position YOU as an authority.

At the end of the training, you’ll have a CTA asking them if they want some more help.


How Do We Make This Profitable

So, understanding that all you have to do to ensure this works is to hit certain KPIs within the funnel.

Here they are:

– Facebook Ad – $1 – $3 Clicks
– Landing Page – $3 – $10 Leads (Converting above 20%)
– Video/Content – $20 – $200 Booked Calls (Converting above 5%)
– Book Call – $100 – $1000 Clients (Converting above 20%)

Using this system and optimizing it will allow you to bring in clients from anywhere between $100 – $1000.

Which is why it works so well when we focus on using it to bring in high-end clients who are happy to pay you $3,000 – $10,000 to fix their specific painful problem.

How would your business change if you could PROFITABLY acquire high-end clients and use Facebook™ Ads to laser focus on our ideal client and drive them through this funnel.

Gathering Data

Now once we remove emotion from the decision-making process, it all comes down to looking at the data and course correcting.

If your Facebook Ad isn’t getting the clicks:

Is your image relevant to your audience?

If changing the image doesn’t fix it, you need to play around with the angle and the copy.

If you’re still not getting traction, test new targeting interests.

If your landing page isn’t converting:

Is your landing page congruent with your ad?

Is it optimized for the platforms you’re running it on?

If it’s not converting above KPI, then keep testing different variations until it does.

If your video isn’t converting into bookings:

How many people have opted in?

You need around 100 options before you can make a judgment based on DATA.

Use video tracking to see if people are watching it to the end or find out where people are dropping off.

If it’s not converting within KPI. Change it.

Once you get this…

You’ll be able to stop “hustling” to get new high-end clients and stop relying on LUCK to grow your business and just use a simple, predictable system to acquire high-end clients ON DEMAND using Facebook™ Ads

How would implementing this system in your business to bring you in new leads and clients like clockwork change things up for you?

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