The 5 Common Mistakes That Prevent Entrepreneurs from Scaling Their Income, Impact and Freedom

The number one reason to run your business is to have freedom, both financial and time.

That’s why most entrepreneurs decide to start doing it for themselves; they’re tired of feeling like their life is dictated by someone else.

But…most entrepreneurs also don’t know how to design a business and lifestyle that promotes ultimate freedom.

It’s a foreign concept.

Think about your own life.

Do you feel confident that you’re business is growing and making you money even when you’re NOT working?

Do you have time to spend with your family and friends?

Are you making the kind of money that doesn’t have you constantly scrambling for the next client?

Most men aren’t, even though their businesses seem successful from the outside.

But you know that success is about more than just having a business that is profitable.

You want a business that gives you the freedom to live the life you really want.

So, let’s talk about the five mistakes you might be making that are preventing you from fulfilling your full purpose.


There are completely mediocre guys in your field who are exceptionally successful because they know how to position themselves and their business.

It doesn’t matter how great your service is or how necessary it is for your client’s lives if you don’t know how to position it properly.

Basically, without proper positioning, you’re the only one who knows how valuable what you offer is.

Positioning your business allows you to occupy a niche market and helps determine your target audience’s impression of your business.

It also differentiates you from your competitors.

So, you’re not a business coach for men.

You’re a business coach for men, aged 30-45, who are overworked entrepreneurs who need more freedom in their lives.

By differentiating yourself for others in your industry and becoming clear on what your business represents, you can also attract higher paying customers.


Because they know exactly what they’re paying for.

You don’t have a service that might help them; you have a service that is designed exactly for them.


Who is is that you want to work with?

Is it someone who is going to send you a disgruntled email if you use “fuck” in a blog post?

Is it clients who are TERRIFIED of taking risks?

Is it people who will drain you of your time and energy and leave you feeling unfulfilled with the work you do?

I hope your answer to those questions is a resounding, “NO”.

Your messaging is how you attract the people you really want to worth with.

The mistake many entrepreneurs make is they think they can’t decide on their clients.

Instead, they have to accept every single person who is willing to pay them.

So they dilute their message.

They parrot the same cliches that every other boring guy in their industry is using.

And then their clients are boring and demanding and the work is unsatisfying.

You don’t have to do that.

You can own up to what you really want to do and have your messaging reflect that.

Not only will it attract the people you really want to work with, but it’ll preemptively keep away the people you don’t want to work with, so you have more time to focus on the people who matter.

speaking an outdated message because they are not owning up to what they want to do


When I first started my own business, I mostly did one-to-one coaching.

Even though the work was rewarding, I quickly realized that there was no way for me to scale my business — unless I gave up sleeping.

If I wasn’t working, then I wasn’t earning any money.

I had to constantly look for new coaching clients and then pour countless hours into designing a unique plan for them…even when I knew that were some fundamental tools that all my clients could implement.

So I switched to a leveraged business model, where instead of focusing on one-to-one work, I do group coaching.

I still deliver the same valuable service, but I don’t always have to be present for my business to be working.

There are now no limits to how big my business can grow.


I’ll keep this short: you’re not charging enough.

I get it.

You’re scared to charge too much because you don’t want to scare away potential clients.

But if you position your service properly, get clear on who your service is for, and clearly outline it’s value, then anyone the price scares away is not some you want to work with.

The people who understand the value of your work will be willing to pay for it.

It’s your job to help them to understand, but there are some people who your business simply isn’t for.

Let’s start by scaring away the cheapskates.


Do you have systems in your business that help it to function and grow without you having to do any work?

Systems like automated product delivery, lead generation, and email marketing?

Putting these systems in place is how you get freedom from your business.

If you have to be physically working every second of every day for your business to function, then it is not serving you.

If you worry every time you shut down your computer or put your phone down for five minutes, you are chained to your business.

Putting these automated systems in place is the first and ultimate step to creating freedom in your life because it allows you to create a business that works for you.

Correcting (or avoiding!) these mistakes takes more than just reading a blog post.

If you want to find out how to create a business that gives you true freedom, there’s a free Facebook group created for entrepreneurs just like you. In it, we talk about how to level up our businesses and lives.

You can join that right here.

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