Are You Sacrificing Your Life For Your Business?

Without even meeting you, I can guess that you are sacrificing your life for your business.

The temptation to do so is just too great.

When you’re an entrepreneur, it can feel like your business IS your life.

But it shouldn’t be that way — and it doesn’t have to be.

You started your own business so that you could have the freedom to design your ideal life…not so that you could spend every spare minute working or obsessing about work.

Without balance, your business is quickly going to become a major drain on your energy and motivation to keep growing.

There are ways to stop sacrificing your life to your business and still achieve everything you want.

Say “No” More

Your business will not collapse if you don’t say yes to every single opportunity.

Your clients won’t all disappear if you say “no” to unreasonable demands (and the ones that do, well, good).

It is possible to say no more and have your business continue to grow and your personal life continue to flourish. The way to know what to say no to is to understand what kind of life you want to lead.

Then, overtime you have to make a decision, you can ask yourself, “Will this help me lead my ideal life or will it take me further away from it?”

It will quickly become clear what temporary sacrifices will help you further along the road and what sacrifices are not worth it.

Creating Boundaries with Clients

There’s this tendency with entrepreneurs to feel overly grateful to their clients. Building your own business is motivated by passion.

When you pour so much of yourself and your time into creating something, you’re thrilled when someone likes it.

So, when you get a new client, instead of seeing your relationship as an exchange of value — your service for their money — it can feel more personal.

Especially if you’re in the coaching business, where you know that your service has the ability to radically transform their life.

This is where boundaries get blurry.

You wouldn’t call your accountant at 10pm on a Friday night.

You wouldn’t expect your web designer to deliver on new materials in 24 hours.

You wouldn’t expect anyone to return your emails on weekends.

But you let your clients have these expectations of you — and it means that there is no sacred time when you are not working.

You get to decide the parameters of your relationship.

What are your “office hours”? When do you respond to emails?

What is an appropriate way for clients to reach you and what kind of topics should they reach out to you about — and what should they just google?

Establish these boundaries early on and then enforce them yourself by never responding to that email on a Saturday or picking up the phone past 7pm.

In the beginning it may seem like you’re not working hard enough, but the reality is that you deserve to have a life.

Managing Your Time

The most successful people in the world have a routine.

Look at Steve Jobs: he wore the exact same thing every day because he wanted to eliminate the wasted time spent every day deliberating on what to wear.

You don’t have to be that extreme but having a schedule will help you find balance.

If you put in your schedule that you wake up everyday at 7 to exercise, it stops being optional or a choice.

Likewise, if you prioritize the most important things on your to-do list for the time when you’re most productive (likely in the morning) then you’ll end every day feeling like you accomplished what you needed to.

The best part about working for yourself is the freedom to decide how you’ll spend your time.

It makes sense to create a schedule that you know works for you.

This requires that you automate parts of your business.

If every aspect of running your business requires that you personally do it, you’re going to spend most of your day putting out fires or frantically trying to keep up with demand.

Automate to set yourself free.

Setting an Example

You didn’t go into business to become a role model, but there’s still people in your life who look up to you.

Whether it’s your clients or your kids, you have a responsibility to set an example that other people can aspire to.

You have two options.

You can be unhealthy and overworked, always on the phone or checking your email, never making time for exercise, quality time with the people you love or relaxing.


You can be the healthiest person most people know, waking up early to exercise before starting your day.

You can spend a normal amount of time working (read: not every waking moment of every day) and your passion for your job will be contagious.

You can be present in the lives of the people who matter and you can make time to pursue hobbies that have nothing to do with work.

You can be happy and fulfilled and “have it all” — meaning a life and a job.

Being successful has a new definition now. It’s not defined by the person who can work the most.

No one aspires to that kind of life.

Instead, it’s about the person who knows how to find a balance.

There’s nothing impressive about sacrificing your life for a paycheck, even if you are building your own business.

If sacrificing every aspect of your life in the running of your business has become normal for you, it can be hard to shift your habits.

It won’t happen overnight.

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Jonny Hopkinson
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