Are You Ignoring Your Expertise?

Let’s talk about Imposter Syndrome.

It affects every single man at some point and it’s probably already reared it’s ugly head in the beginning years of starting your own business.

Imposter Syndrome is the voice in your head that says you have no idea what you’re doing and it’s only a matter of time until everyone else realizes it, too.

No matter how much goes right, you have a chronic self-doubt that tells you that you and all your efforts are inadequate.

The really dangerous thing about Imposter Syndrome is that it sounds reasonable.

Say you’ve left a long corporate career to set up your own business — but now you’re doing something completely different.

A little voice in your head will say, “But what do YOU really know about x?

You’re just faking it” and no matter how much you’ve read, how many trainings you’ve undergone, how well your client work is going, you’ll listen to that voice.

And you’ll agree with it.

That tiny bit of doubt will chip away at your self confidence, until you become stagnant and your business stops growing.

If you believe you can’t handle what you’re already doing, how will you ever get the courage to try something new?

That voice in your head doesn’t know what the fuck it’s talking about.

You don’t have to listen to imposter syndrome.

The truth is, you have a LIFETIME of skills that do translate into your new area of business, even if it’s not the exact same industry or the exact same job description.

IF we all only ever did what we’ve already been doing, none of us would experience true freedom.

We’d all still be chained to our desks doing a job we fucking hate that sucks the life out of us.

You have expertise in your job.

Start to think about everything you’ve been doing since you started your business and even before.

Did you chase down leads, call up prospects, negotiate deals?

You know a ton about communication and confidence.

Did you develop a business plan, set up lead generation systems, devise sales copy?

You know about running a business.

Did you attend trainings, read everything you can get your hands on, try new strategies and course correct when they didn’t work out?

You know how to learn and adapt.

You have such expertise that you likely don’t even notice it because it’s just second nature to you.

The important thing to remember is that it’s not second nature to other people.

They will pay you for the knowledge that only you — with your experiences and past — can pass on.

So the next time Imposter Syndrome wants to chat?

Tell that voice to shut up.

You’re too busy crafting a life and business that offer true freedom to waste time listening to anything that wants to slow you down.

Jonny Hopkinson
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