Are You Chained To Your Business?

There are hidden costs to running a business that we don’t talk about enough.

I don’t mean unexpected expenses, administrative costs, and the day-to-day spending that goes into keeping your business running.

I mean the more subtle, personal costs that have nothing to do with money.

These are the costs that cut into your freedom and your life…and then you have to ask yourself: is you business still worth it?

I’m sure you went into entrepreneurship with an idealized version of what your life could be.

You were sick of all the limitations that came with working for someone else, so you wanted to give yourself the freedom to design a life you actually wanted to live.

What’s better than being in complete control of every aspect of your life?

You get to decide how you work and how much.

Except you’re not making that decision.

Instead you’re just working ALL the time and you don’t know how to stop.

You think if you do stop, your business will collapse.

Maybe that’s true.

If your business requires that you work constantly to make money and doesn’t make any money when you’re not working, then you can’t take a break.

And the thing is…

Money Isn’t Everything

Money is important.

I want you to make amazing money — and your business should! Otherwise, what’s the point?

But your whole sense of self worth can’t be wrapped up in your monthly income.

You can’t be so obsessed with making money that you sacrifice your quality of life.

You won’t even be able to spend that money on anything worthwhile because you’re too frantic about trying to earn more.

When you have a business model that consistently generates income, you don’t have to obsess over money.

You know that you’ll hit your targets each month and in the meanwhile, you can actually live your life.

Plus, you get to separate your self worth from the number in the bank account.

Life cannot solely be about how much money you’re making — especially if in the pursuit of making that money you are absolutely miserable.

Life Is About Experiences

How many times has your kid tried to show you something and you held up a hand, told them to wait, said “Daddy’s working”?

Do you find yourself always telling the people in your life that you need “just five more minutes” to work?

When your business demands too much of you (for way too little reward), you miss out on your entire life.

There’s no time for living when you have to spend every possible moment working.

Even when you’re not at work, your thoughts are consumed with some work-related issue and you’re never fully present.

Your whole life can disappear this way and at the end of it, all you’ll have to show for it is a business.

Now, obviously I think that building a business is an amazing accomplishment.

It’s a worthy way to spend your time…but it can’t be the ONLY way you spend your time.

It can’t be the sum of your whole life. It won’t ever be enough.

You need a business that lets you live a full life.

You want to be open to experiences, to be able to say “yes” when something exciting comes up.

You want your child to know that you’re not too busy for them.

You want your friends to know that they can call you to hang out.

If you say no enough, the invitations will just stop coming.

Your business is just one aspect of your life. You’ve gotta find balance. Which leads to me to…

Where Do You Find Meaning?

Let’s return to the very first day you decided to start your business.

You were riding on a high of exhilaration and nervousness, and you had a vision for what your life could be about.

Even if your job is your absolute passion, you knew that just HAVING a business wasn’t the end goal.

You wanted freedom: a business that supported your life, not a life that supports your business.

Does your business even resemble what you imagined it would on day one?

Does it fill you with the same sense of hopeful possibility?

You have to decide where you’re going to find meaning in your life.

Define what living a meaningful life means to you.

I doubt that it means being chained to your desk 10+ hours a day and stressing out about work.

Maybe you find meaning in challenging yourself physically; you want to climb a mountain, run an iron man, or hike the Appalachian trail.

Maybe you find meaning in building a family; you want to be there for your kid’s big moments and your wife’s celebrations.

Maybe you find meaning in being able to travel; you want to go on that trip to Spain with the boys or take weekenders around Europe whenever you feel like it.

When it comes down to it, a meaningful life will always come down to having the financial and time freedom to live exactly how you want.

You decide what it is you want and then pursue the kind of business that supports that life instead of hindering it.

The great thing about your business is that it’s YOURS so you can course correct whenever you want.

If your business is costing you too much, then it’s time to change things up.

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Jonny Hopkinson
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