3 Key Mindset & Business Hacks To Transform Your Coaching/Consulting Business And Achieve Ultimate Freedom

As a coach or consultant, you absolutely love what you do and are passionate about creating incredible transformation in people’s lives and businesses.

You know firsthand how powerful investing in yourself is, yet what we’ve noticed in working with hundreds of experts is they are lacking the mindsets for sustained and continued growth.

It doesn’t have to be this way and many times you’ve simply created habits of thinking that are blocking you from more money, freedom and energy.

In this post, we’ll share 3 Mindset and Business Hacks that will allow you to start thinking less like a mule and more like a magician who has his or her eyes set on a lucrative, financially fulfilling career.

Hack #1: Understand the business you’re in and charge appropriately.

If you were asked the business that you were in and answered [your industry] , you’d be wrong.

Yes, that’s the service you provide but what you really do is twofold — you create massive results in transforming peoples lives/business and you provide an experience.

Once you understand this, you’ll have no issue charging premium rates for what you do.

Think about this: if you are/were a health and fitness professional, you’d likely be pretty fit.

Which means you may have forgotten how much pain people are in when they come to you and are 50 pounds overweight, are riddled with lack of confidence, sex drive, self-worth issues…

The same goes is your a sales coach for businesses. I would like to assume that you’re EXTREMELY skilled in the art of sales.

However, think how much pain and stress your clients are in when they can’t close sales and grow their business at the rate they want

These people have a problem and are willing to pay top dollar to fix it.

Hack #2: Create automated systems that work on autopilot while lowering your stress and anxiety.

Do you have a predictable, reliable and consistent source of high end leads?

If the answer is no, that’s a red flag.

Without having a system for fresh leads, you’ll become highly dependant on your current clients and you’ll do things like cut into your own personal time, undercharge and under value your self, we even had a guy working on his birthday.

The same goes for having a system for scheduling, billing, upselling, downwelling, client nurturing and campaigns to bring old clients back.

Most experts we speak to don’t have these in place because they are busy working IN their business, and never having the time or energy to set these up.

Hack #3: Have A Defined Market You Work With

Working with anyone and everyone is not an acceptable long-term business model, I hate to break it to you.

Early on in your career, it worked — because you were brand new and would take anyone with a credit card.

Think about your current client roster, I’m sure you have…

Amazing clients who always pay on time, never use excuses and are an absolute pleasure to be around.

Energy sucking clients who are always complaining, skip payments, show up late and leave you exhausted

And let’s be honest, if you had to work with the second ones the rest of your life, you’d quit today.

When you have a clearly defined market, you can literally duplicate the people you love working for and are seen as an expert in that specific market.

For example, Kevin went from training everyone to only training busy executives who were former athletes and don’t have the time or energy to hit the gym by themselves — he’s now known as the “it” guy for this market, so he gets endless referrals.


Adopting the principles and mindsets above is the first step to start getting you closer to your dream business and lifestyle.

The above is exactly what we teach with our system designed to help experts like you transition out of the trenches and command high ticket prices.

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